High Converting StoryLine Videos

While most businesses trying to market their business are using old used up styles of videos big brands are killing it with “Storyline Style”. These videos blow other styles out of the water when it comes to engagement which we all know is the key to making sales with video.

For years we’ve seen people get behind a good story, fall in love with a character and ultimately connect with a brand because of it. Big brands understand this and have been taking advantage with their big budgets to create “movie like” ads that draw the user in.

Well now YOU can compete with these big brands for pennies on the dollar with our Macro film style ads!

The “secret sauce” to these storyline videos is the way they draw the user in and get them to connect with the characters .

I’m sure by now you’ve seen plenty of boring ads that you instantly skip or tune out…everybody hates videos like those!

Times have changed my friend, the market has shifted and it’s up to YOU to adapt…and it’s really pretty simple.

All you have to do, is give people what they actually want!

Why show them ads that you KNOW a huge percentage won’t blink an eye at when you can CAPTIVATE them using simple storylines!

 “When you Create Videos that People Actually Want to Watch Engagement Goes through the Roof…”

We all know that engagement is the key to turning your videos into leads, traffic and sales which is why it’s such a critical element to your success!

By using these storyline style videos in your advertisements, sales videos and landing page videos your traffic will convert WAY better than regular old ads.

Not only can you get dirt cheap traffic but like we’ve mentioned you can sell these types of videos for top dollar to local clients.

Storyline Video

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