How to BOOST Audience Engagement
As Much As 110%,
And Put Your Prospects’ Attention In A STRANGLE HOLD…

Cinemagraphs Exploit Two Military-Grade Mind-Hacks
The Human Brain Is Powerless To Avoid

It used to be how we survived.

That unexplained rustle of leaves had a lion behind it waiting to pounce.

And we’re not on the Serengeti any more… but our brains still FORCE us to focus on unexplained movement like our lives depend on it.

Which means it’s ONE HELL of a powerful tool for your marketing.

But cinemagraphs go even further…

Remember how your eye got fixated to the movement above?

That’s because, by keeping an isolated part of the video moving, while the rest of it is caught in a freeze frame, cinemagraphs create an unstoppable hypnotic effect.

It’s called “isolated motion,” and there’s nothing better at grabbing and keeping attention.

you’re tricking the mind, by tricking the eye…

To keep eyes fixated on their content, brands are using the simple sophistication of cinemagraphs in pursuit of creating formats that really stand out.

Whether it’s for email, website, or social media, cinemagraphs are increasingly popular on our screens.

In the world of marketing, where almost everything has been designed and produced, we are being pushed everyday to create better and more engaging content.

Movable imagery has become a way of reaching and connecting with consumers in a more intricate way.

To build intrigue and better express companies’ artistic culture, brands are favoring cinemagraphs as a part of their visual toolkits.

So far they have proven to be more effective than a flat photo and are also perfectly suited for Instagram’s and Facebook’s autoplay which makes them move automatically.

Here’s how this new dimension is bringing a creative edge to visual storytelling while allowing marketing to become a form of surprise and delight.



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